Machine Tools

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Machine Tools

Power meets precision - in the smallest of spaces

For your customer to hold a perfect product in his hands, perfect manufacturing methods are just as important. CEDS DURADRIVE equips your machine tools and machining centres with drives that help to keep this promise.

The drives must meet a wide range of requirements, such as swiveling, linear infeed, positioning and turning. Very high dynamics and high load changes with the associated transverse accelerations must be taken into account.

The special feature of realizing this in a very tight installation space requires technical creative know-how in the development phase. The drives also have to guarantee very high speeds, good synchronisation properties and special controllability.

The aim of machine tools is to produce absolutely precise and accurate workpieces or moulded parts.  For this purpose, very high concentricity and axial run-out accuracies are required in the production processes of engine manufacture. 

It is also important to keep the heat development of the drive as low as possible in order not to create unnecessary sources of inaccuracy. This is ensured by optimum cooling in the form of liquid cooling (water, oil or glycol mixture).

Swivel - turrets or rotary tables

Solution: liquid-cooled motors, hollow shaft motors (also with ducted lines) or torque motors

Linear delivery

Solution: Hollow shaft with ball roller spindle, hollow shaft motors suitable for thread drives of ball roller 16 to 20 (also with brake)

turning - main spindle

Solution: Main spindle drives (also with special shaft or belt pulley) or special kit motors (stator plus rotor)

Individual drives that fit perfectly

Your application is our drive. Whether synchronous or asynchronous motors, servo and hollow shaft servo drives, DC, kit, torque or geared motors:

Each drive is designed, electrically laid out and manufactured perfectly to your requirements.

Robustly built

CEDS DURADRIVE also manufactures durable drives with stainless and acid-resistant steel housings.

Optimally cooled

Liquid-cooled drives have the following advantages:

  • They are considerably quieter.
  • They are smaller and lighter - with the same performance.
  • They are ideally suited for high speeds.
  • They offer maximum dynamics through an ideal ratio of torque and mass moment of inertia.
  • They are extremely low in vibration.
  • They are well suited for operation at high ambient temperatures, in clean rooms or air-conditioned rooms.
  • They hardly give off any heat to the immediate surroundings. This is extremely important for high-precision machine tools.
  • An extreme switching frequency is permissible.

Safety brake system

Our brakes and special brakes for hollow-shaft servo motors have a large through-bore, a small outer diameter and high torques.

Advantages of our hollow shaft servo drives

  • Hollow shaft servo motors reduce the mechanical effort.
  • They are mechanically and electrically adapted to the respective application.
  • A continuous hollow shaft or a blind hole is possible.
  • The economical drive solution allows the reduction of mechanical transmission elements (e.g. clutch, belt drive).
  • Linear movement via threaded drive with rotating nut and spindle secured against rotation/spindle fixed on both sides.
  • With spindle fixed on both sides, high mechanical rigidity and high permissible spindle speeds through direct drive technology without downstream mechanical elements
  • Positioning accuracy in the 1/1000 mm range.
  • Directly integrated actual value feedback via SIN/COS, pulse or absolute value encoder enables excellent control characteristics.

Advantages of our torque motors

  • High acceleration, which leads to high dynamics of the entire system
  • High drive stiffness
  • Momentary
  • Very high repeat accuracy
  • Low backlash and low noise
  • Excellent control properties
  • Low maintenance, practically no wear
  • Cost saving through low energy consumption
Drives that are used here

Precise configuration for your application

High overload capacity, stiff precise bearing, high speed
When you choose a drive from CEDS DURADRIVE, you get a "tailor-made suit" - a solution that is perfectly designed and tuned to your needs.
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