Torque Motors

Torque Motors

powerful and very compact

Torque motors are characterized by a very compact design in combination with a very high dynamic performance at low speed. A high force density in relation to the installation space and a low detent torque are further points that a torque motor fulfils.

The torque motor essentially consists of a stator with a three-phase winding symmetrically distributed around its circumference and a rotating part, the rotor, separated by an air gap. The rotor is designed as a permanent magnet rotor and is usually designed with very high poles. Depending on the size, pole numbers of more than 100 can be achieved. Torque motors are often integrated directly into the system as kits and can be designed as both internal and external rotors.

CEDS DURADRIVE torque motors are space-saving and have a high Positioning accuracy. These motors are very often used instead of gear solutions and minimize wear and backlash during positioning. Wherever direct drives are possible, e.g. in turntables or rotating applications in defence technology, torque motors are a good choice. They withstand the harsh conditions and offer the highest accuracy. By designing them as a kit, CEDS DURADRIVE torque kits can be mounted to the customer's interface in a very compact and highly integratable way.

CEDS DURADRIVE Torque drives represent individual solutions, both electrically and mechanically, which comply with customer specifications as well as legal requirements and are adapted to the climatic operating conditions. High requirements, such as particularly high nominal or peak torques under harsh climatic environmental conditions, are not uncommon.

CEDS torque motors offer you special features, which are as follows:

  • Light and compact size
  • Very high torques can be represented
  • High speed constancy
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Low cogging torque
  • Low rated speed
  • Large hollow shaft
  • Very low noise
  • Low inertia, therefore very dynamic
  • Very high force density
  • High durability

Fields of application

Technical parameters

Parameters Torque Motors
Size custom-made
Power (P) according to speed and torque requirements
Speed on request
Turning moment bis 20 kNm
Voltage range to 690 VAC
Force density very high (very compact drives possible)

Precise configuration for your application

powerful and very compact
When you choose a drive from CEDS DURADRIVE, you get a "tailor-made suit" - a solution that is perfectly designed and tuned to your needs.
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