Renewable Energies

Erneuerbare Energien / Wind- & Wasserkraft

Erneuerbare Energien / Wind- & Wasserkraft

Ecological, efficient and profitable

Electricity from water or wind power is an all-round clean thing. The eternal cycle never stops and using it is one of the most sustainable ways of generating energy. To ensure that this energy can flow "cleanly" into the power grids, we offer you tailor-made solutions - for new installations and for the modernisation of existing plants.

The focus of renewable energies is on efficiency, sustainability and a clean feed into the power grid without high losses due to excessive reactive power.

Wind power plays a central role in the field of renewable energies. Here, high efficiencies, robustness against extreme climatic conditions and the optimal utilization of the limited installation space of the drives or generators are important. CEDS DURADRIVE drives are used in the generator area, in pitch systems and in rotor lock drives of wind turbines.

In hydroelectric power, high efficiency, extreme durability and virtually maintenance-free operation play a major role. A direct feed-in without additional gearboxes and other adaptations have already been successfully implemented with CEDS DURADRIVE drives. A high cosine phi enables a feed into the grid without unnecessarily high reactive power. In most cases, the generator is operated on land, but of course we also offer solutions for use in water.

High efficiencies

Even though we develop and build generators individually, they have one thing in common: very high efficiencies. CEDS DURADRIVE generators achieve a maximum of durability and resistance to harsh climatic conditions. It goes without saying that our generators can be used in both onshore and offshore applications at temperatures ranging from -25 to +50°C.

Nearly no losses

A very high efficiency in combination with a cosine phi of almost 1 guarantees a direct feed into the grid without lossy gears or other adaptations, without unnecessarily high reactive power being dissipated. CEDS DURADRIVE drives and generators combine these characteristics perfectly, tailored to your environmental conditions and requirements, and thus ensure a more efficient feed into the grid.

Individually adjusted

With an extremely stable run in conjunction with the pole numbers matched to the speed, we ensure a "clean" feed into the power grid. Our generators are cooled either by air or liquid flow. On request, we equip the drives with holding brakes and supply special gearboxes for the asynchronous generators.

New means more - Retrofit

Even if your old, aging generator is still stoically doing its job, it is cheaper and safer to modernize in the medium term. The higher efficiency due to the gearless design as well as a significantly lower maintenance effort speak for themselves. In most cases, the shorter, space-saving design also provides additional usable space. The gearless design also makes gear oil superfluous - good for your wallet and good for the environment.

Drives that are used here

Precise configuration for your application

High efficiency, low maintenance and durability for your application
When you choose a drive from CEDS DURADRIVE, you get a "tailor-made suit" - a solution that is perfectly designed and tuned to your needs.
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