Hoisting Technology

Hoisting Technology

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Hoisting Technology

Efficiency and sustainability - because time is money

For fast and safe loading and unloading of the containers, special drives with a high tilting torque and high dynamics are required. CEDS DURADRIVE supplies high overload and durable drives to ensure that your crane systems operate quickly and efficiently.

The cranes have to move containers, whether empty or fully loaded, quickly and safely. Therefore the drives need an overload capacity of up to 400%. This generates a high dynamic response with a low moment of inertia in order to lift the containers up and down quickly.

The drives must be efficient and durable, because failures in ports are associated with very high costs. High intermediate circuit voltages and fast switching semiconductor components require special insulation and special winding wires. These ensure that the motor winding is virtually resistant to partial discharges to ensure the longevity and reliability of the drive. In addition, the drives must also withstand harsh weather conditions such as seawater or increased humidity.

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Drives that are used here

Precise configuration for your application

High overload capacity, low maintenance, dynamic and efficient for your application
When you choose a drive from CEDS DURADRIVE, you get a "tailor-made suit" - a solution that is perfectly designed and tuned to your needs.
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